This event is open to ALL teams that want to join in the fun, regardless if
you have competed at our events before!!! 

Due to the COVID-19, 
The Best of the Best Nationals
is going VIRTUAL

All star cheer, all star dance, studio dance, 
ALL cheer and dance solos
Aril 18

School cheer and School dance
April 25

The Best of the Best Nationals means a lot to many teams for different reasons. Some of your are competing for those Grand Champion rings and banners. Some are competing for the Ultimate Champion rings, bows and banners. Then some of you are going for the Big Daddy Series Ultimate Champion (highest combined scores from all of our events that you attended) to win the rings, bows, banners and Jackets.

So, this is what we are going to do:

As of 3:30pm, Thursday, March 12, we are turning the Best of the Best Nationals into a VIRTUAL competition.

This is the lowdown on how it will work:

- All teams, solos, duets, stunt groups, etc will send me a video of their competition routine via Facebook ( ) or Facebook Messenger.

- COACHES: Please e mail us for details about the video guidelines and submission instructions.

 - For school cheer and dance teams, the KHSAA put the smack down on putting all Kentucky sports into dead period until April 12. As you know, this means there is to be no activity of any kind with the teams. Unlike the summer dead period, the coaches are allowed to have contact with their students, but there is to be no activities at all. For this reason, the school cheer and dance teams cannot videotape their routines for submission. So, the Best of the Best Virtual Nationals for the school cheer and school dance teams will be held on Saturday, April 25. That will give the teams 2 weeks after dead period to send in their video. The videos must be dated March 12-April 25.Videos from previous performances will not be allowed. To be fair to everyone involved, It must be a NEW video made during that time period.

 - For all star cheer, all star/studio dance, some gyms have expressed that they cannot get their videos in this coming week because their teams are in Orlando and had planned on showing up at the Best/Best competition next weekend when their kids get back. Some gym have expressed that due to all of the closures in their communities, they have to close their gym because parents will not bring their kids to practice.
Since most schools will go back to school on Monday, April 6, we will change the Best of the Best Virtual Nationals for all star cheer - all star dance - studio dance - and all solos (cheer and dance) to Saturday, April 16. That will also give the gyms/studios an extra 2 weeks after school starts back to send in their videos. The videos must be dated March 12-April 16.

- I will re-post all videos that are sent in so that everyone can see who is in their division and what their performance looks after the judges watch them. So, you will see them when everyone else sees them for the first time, just like at the event. No one's routines will be posted online until then.

- The judges and tabulators will still come in and watch all of the routines on the big screen and score accordingly.

- We will Facebook Live the Awards sessions so that all coaches, parents and athletes can watch. We will let everyone know what time the awards will happen so that each team/school/gym can have a watch party. 

- Adding additional performances: I know that some gyms were only sending a couple of their teams because their other teams were at another event. Since videos are not due until April and the kids do not have to show up at the event, 
we WILL TAKE additional teams. 
If you have additional teams that you want to register, please let me know ASAP.

-  I am super bummed that we cannot have this event the traditional way, however after lots of thought, I am getting excited to see how it turns out. Because, there is nothing worse than a team working all year for this event and then they go out on the floor and drop a stunt or fall on tumbling, when they have nailed it every single time in practice. Kids get nervous. They get stage fright. By giving each team the opportunity to do their routine 17 times on their home turf where they are comfortable and send in the best video, is really going to make judging this competition very difficult, because everyone's routine is going to be good. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. We can't wait to start getting videos!!!

All Star Cheer Teams:  
$45/competitor, $45/crossover

School Cheer Teams:  
$45/competitor for the 1st routine, 
$12/competitor for each additional routine 
(sideline & 2 1/2 min; sideline & fight song, etc.)

Dance Teams: 
$45/competitor for the 1st routine, $12/competitor for each additional routine (pom & hip hop, etc.)

Solo/Duet/Stunt groups:  $60/competitor

This is the 10th Annual Best of the Best Nationals.  
This OPEN NATIONAL COMPETITION is a battle between all of the Top Scoring teams, Grand Champions and Ultimate Champions from all of our events this season.  This event is open to ALL teams that want to join in the fun, regardless if you have competed at our events before!!! 
All teams participating in this competition receive a trophy, regardless of score and number of teams in their division. Other awards that will be given are Grand Champion, Ultimate Champion, Specialty Awards and TONS OF MEDALS, TROPHIES AND BANNERS. We will also be giving out RINGS to the Grand Champion and Ultimate Champion winners!! 
We look forward to seeing you this year!!  

Best of the Best Ultimate Series Champion Events!
*Best of the Best partial paid and paid bids awarded at ALL events
Dec 7, 2019
Transylvania Univ.
Lexington, KY
Virtual Nationals
April 2020
Combine your scores from the above 3 events to be crowned Best of the Best Ultimate Series National Champion!
Winners will receive RINGS and JACKETS!
*must compete in all 3 above events to be eligible for the Ultimate Series Champion, HOWEVER ANY TEAM CAN COMPETE IN THESE EVENTS regardless of other competitions they have participated in.